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Incoming call

Incoming call

Outgoing call

Outgoing call

Support 202 countries

A call with three recording files
You can click to select one to play

Black/White list

Powerful privacy feature
Hide incoming/outgoing call & SMS

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TurboCall is an advanced one-stop application for Android smartphones. Main features are as follows:

  • Show number location of incoming/outgoing call: Support 202 countries, US/CA 307 area codes, about 15,000 cities and 160,000 number prefixs, US number owns line type (Landline/Cell Phone).
  • Missed call and new SMS alert: Alert with vibration, voice, message window and notification regularly.
  • Incoming call firewall: Intercept incoming calls according to blacklist, whitelist or Contacts.
  • SMS firewall: Intercept SMS according to blacklist, whitelist, Contacts or keywords.
  • Privacy list: Hide all call and SMS info for numbers in the privacy list.
  • Smart dial: Input digits or letters to match contact's number or name/company.
  • Call vibrate: Vibrate on call connect or disconnect.
  • Call recording: Recording calls automatically or manually.
  • Biorhythm: Daily physical, emotional and intellectual analysis.
  • Battery log and estimate: Record battery level, calculate the average power consumption and estimate available time.
  • Alert on battery full or low: Beep twice when battery level reaches full or low.
  • Auto turn off WiFi/Bluetooth: Turn off WiFi/Bluetooth automatically after screen off.
  • More: System info display, enhanced call log, one key to shutdown/reboot...


  • Show number location of incoming/outgoing call
    Show state, city and US number's line type, and company (if it is a contact number and has) on the phone screen, support conference call (each number's location, number and name/company are visible).
    Line type is indicated with an icon before the location: '☎' indicates US Landline, '✓' is US Cell Phone and '♣' is Canada number.

  • Missed call and new SMS alert
    Missed call, new SMS(MMS), intercepted call/SMS, privacy call/SMS can be alerted with vibration, voice, message window and notification regularly.
    Voice is "You have a call" for missed call and "You have a message" for new SMS.
    Message window shows content:
    1. Missed Call: total and the most recent call info (number, number location, time and duration).
    2. New SMS: total and the most recent SMS info (number, number location, time and content).
    3. Intercepted call/SMS: total and the most recent info (number, number location, time and SMS's content).
    4. Privacy call/SMS: just total, nor more info.

  • Incoming call firewall
    Intercept calls according to list or Contacts, and record number and time. Six modes are available:
    1. Blacklist: intercept all numbers in the blacklist
    2. Whitelist: intercept all numbers not in the whitelist
    3. Black Contacts: intercept all numbers in Contacts
    4. White Contacts: intercept all numbers not in Contacts
    5. Whitelist + White Contacts: intercept all numbers not in whitelist and Contacts
    6. Blacklist + White Contacts: intercept all numbers in blacklist (but not in Contacts)

  • SMS firewall
    Intercept SMS according to list, Contacts or keywords, and record number, time, length, keyword, and content of SMS. Mode is same as incoming call firewall.
    If "SMS Keywords" is not null in options, the SMS firewall is always on.

  • Privacy list
    Any call and SMS info for numbers in the privacy list are invisble in the device, but you can check them in the privacy log, and you can set a password for the privacy log.

  • Smart dial
    Input digits or letters to match contact's number or name/company.
    There are two match modes:
    1. Any mode: input and match any part of a number or name/company.
    2. Prefix mode: input and match the prefix of a number or name/company.

  • Call vibrate
    "Vibrate on connect", "Vibrate on disconnect" are available.
    NOTE: to make outgoing calls vibrate on connect, "USB debugging" in device's settings must be enabled.

  • Call recording
    To start or prepare for recording, slide from left to right on the number location, slide from right to left to stop.
    Recording will be available after call connect, you can prepare for recodring before connect. Recording files will be saved to the <TurboCall> directory on your SD card.
    If a call log has an icon "♬", it means there are recording files for the call, click it and select "Play Recording" to listen to the file.
    NOTE: many Android devices are not able to record call truly, so the default audio source is microphone, it means when call connect, if you want to record other side voice, you must turn on speakerphone. Of course, if your device supports recording natively, just select a valid audio source in options.

  • Biorhythm
    Biorhythms are inherent cycles which regulate memory, ambition, coordination, endurance, temperament, emotions, and much more. We each have three fundamental biorhythm cycles. Each biorhythm cycle has a particular function, and a particular life cycle. Our physical biorhythm cycle completes one life cycle in 23 days. Our emotional biorhythm cycle lasts 28 days, and our intellectual biorhythm cycle lasts 33 days. For details, please visit at:
    Biorhythm (Wikipedia) and Biorhythm.

  • Battery log and estimate
    Record time and value for each battery level change (decrease or stop charging). Average power consumption is given by the recorded data, and total/left available time (to 15%) is estimated. (NOTE: stop charging or batter level increases will clear all records)

  • Alert on battery full or low
    Beep twice when battery level reaches full(100) or low(15).

  • Auto turn off WiFi/Bluetooth
    Turn off WiFi/Bluetooth automatically to save power after screen off.

  • One key to shutdown/reboot
    Long press on any one of three tab buttons to open the context menu, then select shutdown or reboot.
    NOTE: to use this feature, the device must have been rooted.


    Q: The app has a huge database and so many features, but why the size is so small (only about 440 KB)?
    A: We introduce an advanced data compression algorithm in it, and its code is very efficient. Now in Andriod/iOS, you cannot find any other smartphone CallerID app which is more powerful than TurboCall. Other CallerID apps usually do not own Line Type and Canada number prefixs, and US number prefixs and cityes are incomplete, and most of all: app size is too big. For example, we found an iPhone jailbreak (because iOS does not support CallerID natively) app only has 70,000 US number prefixs, but TurboCall has 145,000 US number prefixs and 15,000 Canada number prefixs! So we think TurboCall is a top tool for your business and life.

    Q: After revised Contacts and switch to TurboCall, why show a hint "Synchronized with Contacts!"?
    A: It means TurboCall has known Contacts was changed. If not synchronized, TurboCall only uses old Contacts.

    For more info about software use, please refer to TurboCall Guide.


    TurboCall supports Android OS 2.2 or higher, and compatible with most models.


    Please click links below to download a demo version for trial (Ver 1.01 Build 130530):

    Site 1: www.allweb-soft.com (OTA link: www.allweb-soft.com/android/TurboCall.apk)

    Some features need USB debugging mode, please enable it in your device:
    Navigate to device's "Settings > Developer Options > Debugging > USB debugging" and check it.
    NOTE: OS 4.2 or higher, "USB debugging" is invisible, do the following to make it visible firstly:
    1. Open up your device's "Settings", scroll to the bottom and tap "About phone".
    2. At the "About" screen, scroll to the bottom and tap on "Build number" seven times. If a "You are now a developer!" message pop up, that is OK.


    The demo version has limitations (listed in the About dialog of TurboCall). Please refer to below table to order an official version:

    Version Description Price Order link
    Basic Number location shows city, no state and line type US$19.95 Click here (select Basic Version)
    Enhanced Number location shows state and city, no line type US$24.95 Click here (select Enhanced Version)
    Standard Number location shows all US$29.95 Click here (select Standard Version)
    Upgrade 1 from Basic to Enhanced or from Enhanced to Standard US$6.99 Click here
    Upgrade 2 from Basic to Standard US$11.65 Click here
    For example, the location of number 201-200-1234 is "☎ Jersey City, New Jersey", Basic Version shows "Jersey City", Enhanced Version shows "Jersey City, New Jersey", Standard Version shows all. All other features are available for these three versions.

    1. For each order, MyCommerce deducts at least $2, so Upgrade 1/2 needs to add about $2.
    2. If you do not need "Extended Download Service" in the order form, please remove it to save money.
    3. If the order was Fraudulent Charge, your PIN will be blocked.

    Please order TurboCall in minutes, and your registration code is emailed to you in 24 hours!
    After order, please send the PIN and model to support@allweb-soft.com, for example, PIN: 236A58FC and model: Nexus 4. You can find the PIN in the About dialog of TurboCall.

    Security server at MyCommerce

    Get TurboCall for Android NOW!

    Outside of US? No problem! You will have no problem purchasing the full registered version no matter where in the world you live! Please fill out the online form or give us a call! (Your currency will be converted accordingly.)

    Remember, If you have any problems, please let me know at support@allweb-soft.com, or call DR MyCommerce, Inc. at:
    1-877-353-7297 (toll free in the US and parts of Canada)
    1-952-646-5331 (international toll line)
    Take care of the ordering questions for "TurboCall for Android".

    Incoming call - state, city, line type and contact's company

    Conference call - show each number's detailed info

    Call recording

    Main interface

    Smart dial - input digits to match contact's number

    Smart dial - input letters to match contact's name/company

    Enhanced call log

    Battery log

    Missed call alert

    Missed call and new SMS alert

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