a free, quick and easy tool for one click to eject, open or close CD/DVD Rom drivers.

FastEject is a quick and easy tool for one click to open or close CD/DVD drivers.

Shortcut button basket (horizontal)
Screentshot 1 - shortcut button basket (horizontal)
 Pop-up menu from basket 
 Screentshot 2 - pop-up menu from basket
Shortcut button basket (vertical)
Screentshot 3 - shortcut button basket (vertical)
Pop-up menu from system tray icon
Screentshot 4 - pop-up menu from system tray icon
a quick, free and easy tool, just one click to eject, open or close CD/DVD Rom drivers. english

Main features
  • Friendly interface, easy to operate - Shortcut button basket and system tray icon are supported.
  • One-click eject - One-click the shortcut button on the topmost basket window to eject a driver.
  • System hotkey - All kinds of system hotkeys are supported.
  • Multi-language support and more...
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The word on the street

FastEject: Eject Multiple Discs by Single Click - reviewed by

Well, seriously, what does it take to eject a DVD tray? The job doesn't seem to take even a bit of an effort. And that's where the trick is; the ease only seems to be there. Once you start pushing that Eject button more or less regularly, you will start dreaming about some handy utility that would take that hard burden off your shoulders.

With FastEject running on the PC, the disc ejection load will becomes lighter by half or even more, as all the tray open / close operations now could be done "remotely", from the keyboard - the actions can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts - or the mouse - by clicking on the special basket floating on top of all windows.

So simple and easy to figure out - the FastEject basket can be dragged with the mouse all over the screen or docked to any of its edges. Powerful at the same time - just right-click on any of the Eject buttons on Desktop to access the "tune-up box" with settings and the very special burner fans' commands: Open All and Close All. Get the picture: a single mouse click opens an entire line of burner trays, then discs get changed, and another click closes the entire line back.

Mastering numerous disc trays now takes only a click.

The word from the author

"I am a DVD burning fan, and burn dozens of DVDs with recorders each day. My PC installs two (sometimes three) recorders, and ejecting buttons of them are pressed so many times. I also directly push the tray of the recorder to close it (It seems more convenient than pressing the button, but has potential damage to the engine of the driver, so remember not to do the action often). As a result, after several months, one of recorders always ejects the tray automatically and has to be sent back to repair, and the other's button is hard to use - I have to press it several times to open or close the tray.

So I want to find a software which is able to open/close CD/DVD drivers. But several programs I tried are not perfect, the primary problem is: not direct - no One-Click Ejecting function.

At last, I make FastEject and it realizes my dream perfectly! Now I uses it every day, and my recorders are protected from being pressed. I think they should thank to FastEject:)

And a technical hint is that FastEject is a mutl-thread program, each thread controls a driver - it is prompt for the hardware layer to open or close the driver.

Try and enjoy FastEject now! It will make you so happy!"

Why register

If not registered FastEject, you can use it freely for 14 days. When registered, the limitation will be removed.

The price for a single copy license is US$39.95. Please contact us for the volume order. We also accept purchase orders from large companies and institutions for purchases over $500.00.

How to register

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100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

Outside of US? No problem! You will have no problem purchasing the full registered version no matter where in the world you live! Please fill out the online form or give us a call! (Your currency will be converted accordingly.)

Remember, If you have any problems, please let me know at, or call RegNow, Inc., toll-FREE at 1-877-353-7297 or 1-(952) 646-5331, take care of the ordering questions for FastEject.

NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!
An Easy-to-use User Interface! Child's Play!
Eject your CD Drivers As Easy As 1-2-3!
The Most Powerful CD Ejecting Tool!

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One click to eject, open or close CD/DVD Rom drivers.
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